Friday, June 18, 2010

Summertime Fun!!!

We went to a local water park today! Corlee was excited to say the least. She had her sun block on and was ready to swim!

Boys will be boys!

I think I should be worried...Corlee would rather hang out with the older boys!!!

Triple Trouble!!!

Corlee was waiting in line very patiently for her turn on the slide.
Almost her turn!!!

Here she goes!
We had a great day with friends!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Busy Week...I Mean Month!

You are looking at the Forney U7 City Champs!!!
Way to go Ballhogs!
**Chloe is the goalie they had a 1-0 shutout for the championship game!
Field Day 2010Tug Chloe! (She is the one in black and white with the hat)

It would probably be easier if she had some hips or some rhythm!

Determination Face...She is sooo competitive!

Tug Cole!!! (In the red and black)

Boys will be boys!
Cooling off after a VERY hot day!

1st Grade Awards

Mrs. Bourquin's First Graders
Proudly wearing her A/B Honor Roll Medal!

She also received a reading Award!

Chloe and Makenna = BFF

Proud Momma! Chloe had an awesome year she received 1 B this year in spelling. However on her report card today her End of the Year Averages were all 95 or above!!! How can I complain about that! Can't believe that she will be a 2nd grader!!!

3rd Grade Awards
Receiving his Medals for A Honor Roll and Perfect Attendance!!!
Way to go Cole!!!
Mrs. Houston's 3rd Grade Class
(Mrs. Houston was nominated as Teacher of the year at Rhea Elementary!)

Cole also received awards from KC Club, UIL 4th place in the District Meet for Story Telling, 2 Book Club awards , and an award for being one of the top 3 third graders for AR Lifetime Points!
I couldn't be prouder of Cole either! He didn't have any end of the year averages less that 96! He was also Commended on his TAKS Reading Test and only missed 4 on his TAKS Math test!
Way to go Bubba!!!
End of the Year Party Day!!!
Friends and Food what more does a girl need!!!

Mrs. Bourquin and "The Girls"

Corlee enjoyed the party too...Okay maybe she enjoyed the ice cream!
Cole's class was quietly watching a movie...Corlee didn't mind she joined right in!

This year has really flown by! Cole will be in 4th grade and Chloe in the 2nd Grade!
I couldn't be more proud of both of them! I love you both!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Goal, Home Run, Foul, Strike!!!

Our life as we know it!

Between practices, games, and schoolwork there is no time for anything else! Our kids are our life and we love every minute of it!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Too Big...

...Too Fast!!!
We have slowly started trying to break Corlee of her pacifier. She had been doing real well. She only got it when she was sleeping and when she woke up she would spit it out and leave it in her bed. This was great until she figured out how to crawl over her crib rail to get her paci whenever she wanted! We removed her pacifier from her bed but it was too late! Once she discovered she could crawl into her bed she thought it was a game. So we decided to go ahead and take the front off of her crib so she could sleep in her "Big Girl Bed" before she got hurt crawling in and out of her crib!
But I must admit it was harder for me than it was her. She is just getting too big too fast. She thought she was hot stuff helping her daddy make her "Big Girl Bed"!
She crawled right up there! And laid right down!
With "paci " and "blankey" of course!
We thought she went right to sleep...she was so quiet...then about 30 minutes later she came out with a big smile and said "Morning, I waked up!"
I put her right back to bed where she did fall fast asleep! We didn't hear from her again until about 7:00 the next morning!

My Sweet Angel!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Back in March Chris took Cole and a couple other boys to a baseball camp in Wylie. There Cole won the opportunity to throw out the "First Pitch" at one of their high school home games. So last week Cole got to take the mound on the Wylie Pirates Baseball Field. It was a great experience and of course he thought he was "Hot Stuff". They interviewed him before the game then the announcer introduced him as he was taking the field. It really gave me goose bumps to hear them talking about "my boy". He is really growing up before our eyes! We were very proud of him that night. He even got the ball across the plate! (Their plate is several more feet from the pitchers mound compared to our fields!!!)

The Wylie boys had on pink shirts because they were supporting Breast Cancer...which was also extra special to our family!

Of course the girls were there cheering on their Bubba!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Blessings

Dying eggs...
Corlee thought this was sooo cool!

In Our "Easter Attire"

Corlee kept running off!

Caught her!

Oh now she wants her picture taken by herself!

Egg Hunting Time!!!

Look what we got...
Now let's eat it!

That was our day! Lots of fun, Lots of eggs and LOTS OF CHOCOLATE!